Jason Bouwman is a painter, illustrator and designer working in the wine growing region of Southern Ontario near Niagara Falls.

When Jason is painting he works "en plein air" meaning simply out of doors. Working directly from nature forces the artist to think quickly to capture the essence of something. Similarly Jason's designs are clean, uncluttered, uncomplicated, yet sophisticated and communicate a main thought or idea directly and efficiently as possible.

Jason Bouwman , painter

Service Area

Painting locations are typically very close to Jason's home in Southern Ontario but travel locations and vacation spots also appear in his body of work. Past commissions have come from as far away as Texas, New York, England and the Netherlands.

Our History

On a cold winter night in 1979 an accidental explosion in the backyard of a Burlington residence nearly killed a young boy. As the blast threw the lad to the ground he instinctively raised is hands to his face and covered his eyes, shielding them from the flames and the heat. It was a move that would protect the boy’s future as an accomplished visual artist.

Thirty years later Jason Bouwman is now the principal and creative director of Compass Creative Studio - a brand design consultancy based in Southern Ontario. He has been creating effective visual communications for over 15 years. He began his career as an illustrator and graphic designer while still enrolled in Sheridan College’s Technical illustration program. Over the years he has helped many organizations and businesses to express their mission & vision, to develop their brand’s identity and to find their “visual voice”.

Among his accomplishments Jason considers his work for the Royal Canadian Mint a major highlight in his career so far. The local artist has designed the 2009 Special Edition Proof Silver Dollar. The commemorative coin highlights the 100th Anniversary of Flight in Canada.

It wasn’t the first coin he has designed for the Royal Canadian Mint. Bouwman designed another commemorative coin for the Royal Canadian Mint’s 100th anniversary. The coin showcases a maple leaf transforming into a loon — two Canadian symbols found on our coinage.

Jason also designed a popular series of circulation quarters for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The designs for this series celebrated the top three Canadian Winter Olympic moments as voted on by Canadians through a nationwide contest. Several other commissions from the Mint have followed for both circulation and non-circulation coins. In addition to the numismatic projects Jason has also designed packaging for the Mint.

His landscape paintings are typically completed "en plein air" meaning on location in the open air. His work is included in both private and corporate collections both locally and abroad. He has shown his art in several galleries including the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg, ON home to one of the largest collections of paintings from the Group of Seven.

What our clients are saying…

Tom Faulkner, Dallas, Forth Worth | Texas

Thanks to Jason Bouwman in Burlington, ON, Canada, (jasonbouwman.com) for his amazing paintings, graphics and CD design on "Raise The Roof"

Kevin Beers, Brooklyn, New York

I think your plein air landscapes look terrific. They have the feeling of turn of the last century landscapes- people like William Merrit Chase, Williad Metcalf, all the guys I love. Good company to be in. They have a nice palette. Rich but elegant color.

George Strickland, Tucson, Arizona

I really like the way your paintings are looking! You are doing great, pal

Jan, Niagara Region

I just came across your work. Can't believe I haven't before now and want you to know how much I connect with it.